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What is singleton in php ?

Singleton initiates only at once A singleton is a particular kind of class that, as you correctly said, can be instantiated only once. First point: it isn’t a PHP related concept but an OOP concept. What “instantiated only once means?” … Continue reading

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what is observer design pattern in MVC ?

Define a one-to-many dependency between objects so that when one object changes state, all its dependents are notified and updated automatically. Encapsulate the core (or common or engine) components in a Subject abstraction, and the variable (or optional or user … Continue reading

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What is Difference Between CI and Laravel ?

Laravel CodeIgniter category web application framework web application framework Preference 51% Vote 49% Vote Licence MIT MIT   System requirements Operating system Cross-platform Cross-platform Programming language PHP PHP Database cassandra MySQL PostgreSQL Redis Microsoft SQL Server 2005 MongoDB JDBC Compatible … Continue reading

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How to make multiple toggle radio button using jquery ?

Multiple radio buttons:   var radioState; $(‘.multipleradios’).on(‘click’, function() { if (radioState === this) { this.checked = false; radioState = null; } else { radioState = this; } });

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What is token based authentication ?

Source: Explianed here.. The general concept behind a token-based authentication system is simple. Allow users to enter their username and password in order to obtain a token which allows them to fetch a specific resource – without using their username and … Continue reading

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