what features are not available in oracle express edition ?


  • Enterprise Edition (EE) – The flagship Oracle offering with a vast array of tools and features for the large corporation.
  • Standard Edition (SE) – Oracle SE contains the basic database management functions for small- and medium-sized shops at a far lower cost than the EE. Standard edition also has RMAN.
  • Standard Edition One (SEO) – Oracle SEO is specially-priced for single CPU servers used by small businesses.
  • Oracle Express (XE) – Oracle Express contain some DBA features, including basic read-only replication.

These major features are not included in oracle XE:

  1. Advanced security option :- Oracle Advanced Security provides two important preventive controls to protect sensitive data at the source: encryption and redaction
  2. InterMedia :- Oracle interMedia is a feature that enables to store,manage & retrieve the audio, video, images & heterogeneous data.
  3. Oracle messaging gateway:- Messaging Gateway enables communication between applications based on non-Oracle messaging systems and Oracle Streams.
  4. Oracle change management pack:- The Oracle Change Management Pack is a group of integrated applications used to track and make changes to database object definitions.
  5. Oracle clusterware:- Oracle Clusterware is the cross platform cluster software required to run the Real Application Clusters (RAC) option for Oracle Database.
  6. Oracle configuration  management pack:- it enables you to configure the oracle on your need.
  7. Oracle connection manager:- Oracle Connection Manager is a multipurpose networking solution that offers increased scalability, multiprotocol connectivity.
  8. Oracle data guard:- Oracle Data Guard ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data. Data Guard provides a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases to enable production Oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruptions. Data Guard maintains these standby databases as transactionally consistent copies of the production database. Then, if the production database becomes unavailable because of a planned or an unplanned outage, Data Guard can switch any standby database to the production role, minimizing the downtime associated with the outage. Data Guard can be used with traditional backup, restoration, and cluster techniques to provide a high level of data protection and data availability.
  9. Oracle partitioning:- Partitioning allows a table, index, or index-organized table to be subdivided into smaller pieces, where each piece of such a database object is called a partition. Each partition has its own name, and may optionally have its own storage characteristics.
  10. Oracle fail safe:- Oracle Fail Safe is a core feature included with every Oracle Database license for Windows Server. It is a high availability software, integrated with Microsoft Failover Cluster, that provides a fast, easy, and accurate way to configure and verify Windows clusters and to automatically fail over Oracle databases and applications.
  11. Oracle label security:- Easily categorize and mediate access to data based on its classification. Designed to meet public-sector requirements for multilevel security and mandatory access control, Oracle Label Security provides a flexible framework that both government and commercial entities worldwide can use to manage access to data on a “need to know” basis.
  12. Oracle OLAP:- Oracle OLAP is a world class multidimensional analytic engine embedded in Oracle Database. Oracle OLAP cubes deliver sophisticated calculations using simple SQL queries – producing results with speed of thought response times.
  13. Oracle Spatial:- Oracle Spatial and Graph includes high performance, enterprise-scale, commercial spatial and graph database and analytics for Oracle Database 12c.
  14. Oracle streams:- Oracle Streams are a generic mechanism for sharing data which can be used as the basis of many processes including messaging, replication and warehouse ETL processes. They are an extension of a number of existing technologies including Advanced Queuing, LogMiner and Job Scheduling.
  15. Oracle ultra search:- Oracle Ultra Search is built on the Oracle Database and Oracle Text technology that provides uniform search-and-location capabilities over multiple repositories such as, Oracle databases, other ODBC compliant databases, IMAP mail servers, HTML documents served up by a Web server, files on disk, and more.

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