what is difference between oracle & mysql ?

Key difference: The Oracle Database is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). MySQL is the world’s most used RDBMS, and runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases.


MySQL Oracle
MySQL is an open source and MySQL is available for free download and installation. Only Oracle Express Edition is free of cost. But Oracle Express Edition has very limited features when compared to MySQL. For extensive features, either Oracle Standard Edition or Oracle Enterprise Edition has to be purchased.
User authentication is performed in MySQL by using only location, username and password. Oracle provides enhanced database security. User authentication is performed in Oracle by specifying global roles in addition to location, username and password. In Oracle, User authentication is performed by different authentication methods including database authentication, external authentication and proxy authentication.
Flexibility of creating stored procedures and functions using PL/SQL is very less in MySQL. Oracle provides more flexible features for creating stored procedures and functions using PL/SQL.
MySQL offers very few commands related to generating output as report and defining variables. MySQL includes only very simple SQL commands. Oracle includes extensive SQL commands in SQL*Plus including commands for generating output as report and defining variables.
MySQL does not have the audit vault feature in the server. Oracle provides audit vault facility.
MySQL does not offer tools at enterprise level. Oracle offers tools at enterprise level.
MySQL has only table locking facility. Oracle provides the row locking facility as well.
MySQL does not have extensive storage features like tablespace, synonym, packages and many others. Oracle has a very extensive storage features. Oracle supports tablespace, synonym, packages and all other features.
MySQL database does not support XML. Oracle supports and uses XML.
MySQL supports only two character types namely CHAR and VARCHAR. Oracle supports four different character data types namely: CHAR, VARCHAR2, NCHAR, NVARCHAR2.
In MySQL, temporary tables are visible only within the current active session. When the session expires, the temporary tables are removed automatically. In Oracle, temporary tables are persistent across sessions. The temporary table has to be explicitly removed by the User.
MySQL has only two backup mechanisms namely mysqlhotcopy and mysqldump. Oracle offers many backup mechanisms including hot backup, backup, import, export and many others.
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Rest api cakephp -3 pagination

For web we are using Paginate component & for view we used the paginator helper,

what is the standard way to enable pagination i am using following technology.

  • Cakephp-3 php MVC framework as Back-end Tech
  • Angular-js 4 as fronted

Cakephp 3 code


public function beforeRender(Event $event)
    if ($this->request->param('paging') !== false &&
        in_array($this->response->type(), ['application/json', 'application/xml'])
    ) {
        $this->set('paging', current($this->request->param('paging')));
    if (!array_key_exists('_serialize', $this->viewVars) &&
        in_array($this->response->type(), ['application/json', 'application/xml'])
    ) {
        $this->set('_serialize', true);

Don’t forget to pass the paging parameter in url.


After that you should receive following array

"paging": {
    "Posts": {
        "finder": "all",
        "page": 1,
        "current": 6,
        "count": 6,
        "perPage": 10,
        "prevPage": false,
        "nextPage": false,
        "pageCount": 1,
        "sort": null,
        "direction": false,
        "limit": null,
        "sortDefault": false,
        "directionDefault": false
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How do I install Sublime Text 2/3?

Install via the Package Manager(apt-get):

Simply add to your packages:

For Sublime-Text-2:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sublime-text

For Sublime-Text-3:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-3
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sublime-text-installer

Run Sublime-Text on terminal

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What is singleton in php ?

Singleton initiates only at once

A singleton is a particular kind of class that, as you correctly said, can be instantiated only once.

First point: it isn’t a PHP related concept but an OOP concept.

What “instantiated only once means?” It simply means that if an object of that class was already instantiated, the system will return it instead of creating new one. Why? Because, sometimes, you need a “common” instance (global one) or because instantiating a “copy” of an already existent object is useless.

Let’s consider for first case a framework: on bootstrap operation you need to instantiate an object but you can (you have to) share it with other that request for a framework bootstrap.

For the second case let’s consider a class that has only methods and no members (so basically no internal state). Maybe you could implement it as a static class, but if you want to follow design patterns, consider AbstractFactory) you should use objects. So, having some copy of the same object that has only methods isn’t necessary and is also memory-wasting.

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what is observer design pattern in MVC ?

  • Define a one-to-many dependency between objects so that when one object changes state, all its dependents are notified and updated automatically.
  • Encapsulate the core (or common or engine) components in a Subject abstraction, and the variable (or optional or user interface) components in an Observer hierarchy.
  • The “View” part of Model-View-Controller.


The Observer defines a one-to-many relationship so that when one object changes state, the others are notified and updated automatically. Some auctions demonstrate this pattern. Each bidder possesses a numbered paddle that is used to indicate a bid. The auctioneer starts the bidding, and “observes” when a paddle is raised to accept the bid. The acceptance of the bid changes the bid price which is broadcast to all of the bidders in the form of a new bid.

Observer example

Check list

  1. Differentiate between the core (or independent) functionality and the optional (or dependent) functionality.
  2. Model the independent functionality with a “subject” abstraction.
  3. Model the dependent functionality with an “observer” hierarchy.
  4. The Subject is coupled only to the Observer base class.
  5. The client configures the number and type of Observers.
  6. Observers register themselves with the Subject.
  7. The Subject broadcasts events to all registered Observers.
  8. The Subject may “push” information at the Observers, or, the Observers may “pull” the information they need from the Subject.

Rules of thumb

  • Chain of Responsibility, Command, Mediator, and Observer, address how you can decouple senders and receivers, but with different trade-offs. Chain of Responsibility passes a sender request along a chain of potential receivers. Command normally specifies a sender-receiver connection with a subclass. Mediator has senders and receivers reference each other indirectly. Observer defines a very decoupled interface that allows for multiple receivers to be configured at run-time.
  • Mediator and Observer are competing patterns. The difference between them is that Observer distributes communication by introducing “observer” and “subject” objects, whereas a Mediator object encapsulates the communication between other objects. We’ve found it easier to make reusable Observers and Subjects than to make reusable Mediators.
  • On the other hand, Mediator can leverage Observer for dynamically registering colleagues and communicating with them.
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What is Difference Between CI and Laravel ?

Laravel CodeIgniter
category web application framework web application framework
Preference 51% Vote 49% Vote
Licence MIT MIT


System requirements
Operating system
Programming language
Memory recommended 1 GB 256 MB
Description A Framework For Web Artisans ?
Tag MVC, Dependency Injection, Namespaces MVC
Multi-user system Yes Yes
Autofocus Yes Yes
Pingback Yes Yes
Extension/Plug-in Yes Yes
Image processing engin Yes Yes
Interpreter Yes Yes
Trackback Yes Yes
Database model
Transactions Yes Yes
Unicode Yes Yes
Energy consumption ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Angle viewing ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
WYSIWYG-Editor No No
Multiple projects No Yes
Standard compliance Yes Yes
External pages Yes Yes
User statistics Yes Yes
Revision control Yes Yes
Atomicity Yes Yes
Isolation Yes Yes
Horizontal scalable Yes Yes
Template language
Target audience
Difficulty level
Application startup time 2 ms 0 s
Version number 5.4 3.0
Adobe Flash Support Yes Yes
PSR-0 compliant Yes Yes
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Yes Yes
Machine Code Generation Yes Yes
Release Date June 2011 2015
Documentation level ★★★★★ ★★★★★
E-Mail protocols
Multi tasking Yes Yes
RESTful Yes Yes
Code Generation Yes Yes
Dynamic typing Yes Yes
Composite keys No Yes
Programming paradigm
Comments Yes Yes
Multiple categories Yes Yes
Hierarchical menus Yes Yes
Scripting language support
IP support ?
Free to use Yes Yes
Active Yes Yes
Supported VCS
Database Connection Pooling Yes Yes
Separate Service Layer Yes Yes
Web Flows Yes Yes
Creation Date 2012 28ᵗʰ February 2006
Community Driven Good Good
Wizard Yes Yes
HTML syntax Yes Yes
WSDL Yes Yes
Reliability ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Sync file manager Good Good
Versioning Good Good
Data encryption Yes Yes
Sentiment detection Basic Good
Volume of influence analysis Good Good
Custom queries Good Excellent
Input Widgets Yes Yes
Layout Structure Template Yes Yes
File Assets Yes Yes
API Good Excellent
Compiled language No No
XML Aware Good Good
Client/Server code reuse
Secondary Indexes Yes ?
Data storage
Native driver
Batch Processing Yes Yes
Cloud platform support
Admin Generator Yes Yes
Function Based Index Yes Yes
Compiler Yes Yes
Library file size 17 MB 4.1 MB
Browser support
API comprehensibility ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Active Directory Yes No
Custom Themes Yes Yes
Webmail Yes Yes
Jobs Oportunities ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Implementation flexibility 37% votes 63% votes
Out-of-the-box functionality 43% votes 57% votes
Throttling Yes ?
Bundle system Yes Yes
SOA Yes Yes
Annotation Support Yes Yes
LDAP Yes Yes
Backup functionality Excellent Basic
Query Cache Yes Yes
Realtime Yes Yes
Data Security Yes Yes
Community feedback ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Ease of use ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Highly Available Yes Yes
Malicious Injection Prevention Yes Yes
Openshift Paas Support Yes Yes
Geospatial elements No Yes
Copy, Cut and Paste Support Yes Yes
Free for commercial use Yes Yes
Duck typing Yes ?
Useless No No
Realtime Server Push Yes Yes
Easy of Use Yes Yes
Bitmap index Yes ?
Uncompressed Size 3 MB 678 kB
Open Source Yes Yes
FAL support Yes No
Value-to-Object Transformation Yes ?
Content Preview Yes Yes
Allowed content elements Yes Yes
Allowed number of content elements Yes Yes
Nested Comments Yes ?
Type inference Yes ?
Web Developer Toolbar Yes Yes
IntelliSense Yes Yes
XUpdate Support No No
XQuery Support Yes Yes
Magic Yes Yes
Websocket Support Yes Yes
Maven support No Yes
Events Support Yes No
Lambda Expressions Yes No
Language Integrated Query Yes Yes
Partial Classes Yes Yes
Closures Yes No
iOS Development Support Yes Yes
Native asynchronous operators await/async No Yes
Perfomance ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Database migrations Yes Yes
I like it Yes Yes
Asyncronous JS loading Yes Yes
JavaScript Library included Yes Yes
Debug Mode Yes Yes
Static Typing Yes No
Cloud-enabled Yes Yes
Click & Edit in Place / WYSIWYG No No
Archive Yes Yes
API Reports Yes Yes
API Test Control Yes Yes
Autocomplete Code Yes Yes
Dependency Injection Yes Yes
NodeJitsu Support Yes No
Personalization Yes Yes
Supported from Google No Yes
Makes you angry No No
Session support
Insite Editing No ?
Easy to Learn Yes Yes
Extensibility Yes Yes
Unit Testing Yes Yes
Ajax Yes Yes
User management Yes Yes
JavaScript Event Binding No Yes
ORM Join Support Yes No
Object-Oriented Views Yes Yes
Generic Views Yes Yes
View reloading Yes No
Object Oriented Models Yes Yes
Model Conditions Yes No
Model flexible type support No Yes
Suggested developer experience 1 1
Mobile ready Yes Yes
Administrator responsive? No Yes
module Yes Yes
PDF Support Yes Yes
ACL Yes Yes
Markdown Yes Yes
Requests per second 100 ?
Operating system server
Package Manager Yes Yes
Easy Setup No Yes
Jquery Yes Yes
jQuery Support Yes Yes
Modules/Extensions/Plugins 8 000 1
Themes 1 ?
Registered users on CMS Website 0 ?
Themes for actual Version 0 ?
ACL Yes No
Hipster-ready Yes ?
Stored Procedure Yes Yes
Vertically Scalable Yes Yes
Custom Form Fields Yes Yes
CRM Features Yes Yes
Full-Stack Yes Yes
User-friendly No Yes
SEO Yes Yes
unnecessary features Yes Yes
Component Oriented Yes Yes
Internationalization Yes Yes
Heroku Support Yes Yes
Framework specific vocabulary Yes No
Easy to Config Yes Yes
Can you modify it freely to make it better Yes Yes
Type Safety No Yes
Self Server Yes Yes
time consuming development No No
Will get you a job Yes Yes
Is reliable and secure Yes Yes
Scalability Yes Yes
Ability to link to external programs and systems Yes Yes
Supported by Microsoft No Yes
XSS No Yes
Rack Middleware Yes Yes
No. of Developers 13 ?
Official IDE Support Yes Yes
PhpStorm Yes Yes
Use components elsewhere? Yes Yes
Hot deployment Yes Yes
Responsive Website Yes Yes
Can function without AJAX Yes Yes
Auto-Sharding No Yes
HTML Binding Yes Yes
Fully OO Yes No
Dynamic Language Yes Yes
Ease of writing plugins/extensions 10 20
Support for Testing Plugins/Extensions 10 ?
Enterprise Yes Yes
Namespaces Yes Yes
Inbuilt Captcha Yes Yes
Crud generation Yes Yes
3rd Party Lib Support Yes Yes
Will make super models fall in love with you Yes Yes
MVC Yes Yes
Keen ability? No ?
24/7 support Yes Yes
Admin Themes 1 1
Developed for Human Yes Yes
Arrogant Creator No ?
Exist In The Future Yes Yes
LIVE Yes Yes
Actual chances of getting laid regardless Yes Yes
DrivesYouCrazy Yes Yes
Written By Monkeys No No
Is VsChart totally worthless? Yes ?
Yes Yes
420 Friendly? Yes Yes
Windows support Yes Yes
Increase Stress Levels Yes No
Ease of Use 100 9 999 999
SQL Injection Support Yes Yes
Inheritance Yes Yes
State of the art technology Yes Yes
deprecated No No
Awesome Yes Yes
Bullshit No ?
Looks good on resumé Yes Yes
Made Crazy Developer Yes Yes
Proves You Can Code? Yes Yes
Has Stupid Developers Yes ?
Shitty Code No ?
Faster Yes Yes
Does your mom like it Yes ?
Does your mom understand it No Yes
Crappy as wordpress No No
Clean Yes Yes
Atractive Yes Yes
High peformance Yes Yes
For handsome devs Yes Yes
Make life easier Yes Yes
Can be developed from linux Yes Yes
1 OR 1=1; Yes ?
Doesn’t Suck Yes Yes
HHVM Yes Yes
Write Less, Do More Yes Yes
Supports Sanford No ?
Makes You Wanna Puke No ?
Queue Yes Yes
CLI` Yes Yes
cache Yes Yes
Bootstrap Yes Yes
Do I Like it Yes Yes
Used by Chuck Norris Yes ?
Funny Yes Yes
Jutzas Approved No ?
IE Compatibility Yes Yes
Command-line console Yes Yes
Did I waste my time going down all these options?! Yes Yes
Gay friendly Yes ?
can make u rich Yes No
GAYY? No ?
Halal Yes Yes
They should filter rows Yes Yes
Write More, Do Less Yes No
Cassandra Integration Yes ?
Better than Node.js Yes Yes
Popularity 99 999 990 000
Biased Yes No
Obama code with this framework? Yes Yes
Unicorns Yes Yes
Is node better boss No ?
Easy to learn Yes Yes
Depends on Composer Yes No
Legal No ?
Simple No Yes
A lisp? No ?
This is getting out of hand. Yes ?
Burrito Yes No
Для шкальников No Yes
Arduino No ?
PSR-4 compilant Yes Yes
Can be deployed via file copying? Yes Yes
This is stupid Yes ?
Bob Yes ?
Best PHP Framework Yes Yes
Often makes you go insane No No
Induces erection Yes Yes
Was it worth reading till end? Yes Yes
Is Better Than ASP .NET MVC Yes Yes
Progressive Enhancement Yes Yes
Pretty Look Yes Yes
IDIOT Frameworks Yes No
It sucks No No
Best than Laravel No Yes
Hard to learn Yes No
Banned in China Yes ?
Mother of frameworks No No
PS4 ready? Yes Yes
Waterproof? Yes ?
kwak Yes ?
Feeling Special Yes Yes
Nonsense Yes No
can it hello world? Yes Yes
Pre installed template No ?
Actually works Yes Yes
Is pragmatic Yes Yes
Created in December 2011 December 2006
Gives you a hard on Yes ?
Makes you happy:) Yes ?
Experiences Morning Sickness No ?
¿Es una Cagada? No ?
Bhenchod No ?
Is for noobs Yes ?
hamdy No ?
yes No Yes
is from microsoft No No
THAC0 1 ?
believe in Chupacabras Yes ?
Hitler liked it Yes ?
wtf/minute 1 000 000 ?
Almost Godly in Power No ?
Can i sleep with it ? No ?
Łukasz czy to kumasz? Yes ?
2^3/2 ? 5 GHz ?
hehe No ?
😦 Yes ?
Abstracts complexity of UI Components Yes ?
hakim No ?
Hakuna matata Yes Yes
is a language? No ?
Recomended by Morgan Freeman? No ?
Can be used while on drugs Yes ?
testing 1 m ?
达尼 No ?
Я здесь был Yes ?
Dota2 API supported Yes No
Supports supporting Yes ?
Hello World! Yes Yes
Yes or No? Yes Yes
Makes you a racist? No Yes
Aceita POG? Yes ?
Paragon League Yes ?
la vie est plus belle Yes ?
Would you like fries with that? Yes Yes
Es un travelo? No ?
Does it tell time Yes ?
Flexible content structures Yes Yes
Generation of static pages Yes ?
Should I learnd It? No Yes
Catholic Church approves it Yes ?
Is it Graphical and sexy No ?
360 noscope triple headshot API Yes ?
Mencret No ?
Make you feel really really smart No ?
Twerkability 0 Hz ?
Don’t scroll anymore. Waste time Yes ?
NodeJs Yes Yes
Bikin Gila Yes No
how bad is it? 10 3
Is a nazi? No ?
Gash Pie No ?
Bunga-Bunga compatible? Yes ?
Winner Yes Yes
Is a programming language No ?
Türkler Burda mı Yes ?
Anyone can add rows Yes No
Is the best? No Yes
Coed No ?
Makes you wanna have sex? No ?
凯文 No Yes
Good for chuck nash Yes ?
5665 3 100
Save your day? Yes ?
Is this fun or what? Yes ?
Big Data ready No ?
Anunnaki Friendly Yes Yes
supports vaginas Yes Yes
working No ?
marce se la come? No ?
Leo es traba No ?
Dani maraco Yes ?
Long term support Yes ?
Overall rating 20 ?
Run Crysis 10 ?
Can be done with your eyes closed No No
WWOT Yes ?
4prgrammers Yes ?
Does it lift Yes Yes
suicide Yes ?
Built for lazy developers No ?
prefixiable No ?
Makes your mom wet Yes Yes
Are you still reading? Yes Yes
Amı var mı? Yes No
breccia 1 B 2 B
; drop table users; Yes Yes
Waldo Was Here No No
Asset Store Yes ?
VR support Yes No
Will Dan Moore Approve Yes ?
Should be written in Node.js Yes No
Haram Yes No
chabestias No No
Hecho en Socialismo No Yes
Bush did 9/11? Yes ?
es chavista? No No
pinch my nipples Yes ?
Power Level 10 000 000 9 001
Lobster Friendly Yes ?
your auntie can understand No Yes
Does it Collect Garbage? Yes ?
EleGiggle? Yes ?
Ansyori ganteng? No No
taqin suka pakai BH? Yes ?
Didiet suka soang? Yes ?
Brazil Yes No
negerlul Yes Yes
Is this the last row No No
Does your laundry? No No
I’m just here for the laughs? Yes Yes
boang Yes ?
sampat kayong lahat manloloko Yes ?
Lousy Framework Yes ?
Is it cute Yes Yes
is BF4 ready? Yes Yes
Vinicius Curte No Yes
Is Nice Looking? Yes ?
IntelliSence support No ?
Is it the definition of Awesome? Yes ?
Does it give you LÖVE? Yes ?
does it drop it like it’s hot? Yes ?
Is for very high skill programers Yes ?
>implyingprogramming approved Yes ?
MS DOS Support No ?
dafuq!!! did i just read all this bullshit Yes ?
can donald trump build a wall using this ? No Yes
Can hold the door Yes Yes
Will kill your cats No No
Is used by new millennial programmers? No ?
Artisan Yes No
Makes you sport a chub Yes ?
artisans will never be enginers Yes ?
Makes you a sandwich No Yes
Can be used for sexual satisfaction Yes ?
http://www.google.com Yes Yes
PSN AppZ 100 ?
Crap Website No No
Traffic Scalability Yes ?
Faster than Taylor Swift No ?
Votes For Trump No ?
timetobeinfire 7 h ?
speed 200 ?
Black Hat Yes ?
Sight Beyond Sight Yes ?
Am I handsome? No No
Makes you horny? No ?
Adnan like it ? Yes ?
Supports Trump? Yes ?
KatanaTeam de best with No ?
Framework Yes ?
Stuy Approved Yes ?
Can be written with a bottle of vodka Yes ?
Last Row Yes Yes
Fachrul No ?
Fachrul Guling-Guling No ?
Has your back in a fight Yes ?
Comparisons with other tecnologies produces spam Yes ?
peter-approved No ?
Dicks out for harambe? Yes ?
# of wrongs Hitler did. 1 666
William Approved No No
Auto Built Yes ?
Augustine Yes Yes
Used by Chuck Norris Yes ?
Stole ideas from the other Yes ?
Wasting Dylan’s time Yes ?
Fake Review Yes Yes
Strict MVC No Yes
Is this table useless? Yes ?
Will save Harambe if possible Yes Yes
Simple to understand Yes ?
O Aja Ya Kan Yes Yes
Awesome Rating Yes Yes
Can make you look smart Yes ?
Is it a bug or a feature? Yes Yes
Support Mad Dog? Yes ?
Is Taylor Otwell Like it? Yes ?
Is Harambe alive? Yes ?
Eats your anchovy Yes ?
makes vschart look stupid? Yes ?
Onii-chan Yes ?
Is it a kind of food? No ?
Gatubela se ve mas buena Yes Yes
Low What Yes ?
Cut the Crap already -.-‘ No No
Knows better than Jon Snow Yes ?
Killed Joffrey Baratheon Yes ?
Supports Donald Trump No ?
Used By Idmetafora Yes No
increases your sex appeal by 42 ?
Esta a favor de la no violencia contra la mujer Yes Yes
Govno No ?
Did you just lose the game? Yes ?
known by Abojemyeg No ?
final decision Yes ?
Aproved by Obama Yes ?
Omelet au ofromage Yes ?
Approved by Jon Yes ?
VTEC? No ?
add new lines Yes ?
Does Boni know it? No ?
Bullshit No ?
Fix your hangovers Yes ?
34 CM Without Head Yes ?
Gets a blue checkmark No ?
isTrue Yes ?
Can you trust this table? Yes ?
Air Suspenssion No ?
Wes Rabi? Yes ?
R U gay? Yes ?
Has the best IDE No ?
Racial Equality No ?
Who Reads This is Stupid Yes Yes
Write more, Do more Yes ?
Can build prototype quickly Yes ?
Hotel? Trivago Yes ?
Can cook delicious food? Yes ?
% Compatibility with PHP? 1 ?
Loves Girish? Yes ?
boczek No ?
Authenticates Users? Yes ?
chatuba de mesquita Yes ?
Everything above is false Yes ?
Steven esta juicioso? No ?
Make you Cry? No ?
Macron Yes Yes
Runs Half-life 3 No ?
Pato pato pato pato? Yes Yes
bbla Yes ?
Bluetooth ? Yes
Accelerometer sensor ? No
Popularity (0% global votes) (33% global votes)
Resource File Processing ? No
Delegates ? No
Spring Security ? Yes
people choose ? Yes
Makes developer create a slew of inefficient Javascript ? No
Costanzia ? No
Aburrido? ? No
LDAP Integration ? Yes
Platform ?
Founded by Fabian Potencier ? No
Boobs included ? Yes
🙂 ? Yes
C++ power ? No
Makes your hair fall ? No
Works with FIRSTCLASS ? Yes
Liked by non-geeks ? Yes
Over 9000 ? Yes
Prevent a nuclear attack ? Yes
Has cheeseburger ? No
JGPX Approved ? Yes
Sucks Cock ? Yes
WTF ? No
Chinese like it ? Yes
Tky or not? ? Yes
Full HD ? No
Support of pandas ? Yes
PSR-2 compliant ? No
Very wow, much hype ? No
Will it blend? ? Yes
Will see in future ? Yes
Waste ? Yes
Kicks ass ? Yes
Redbull support ? Yes
กาก ? No
Заебок? ? Yes
Makes Tito dance on tables ? Yes
Augustine Recommends ? Yes
sambavam pwoli alle ? Yes
pani paaalumo ? ? No
brazzers ? Yes
Can dance the macarena ? 0.1 ms
+ Add row + +
Laravel CodeIgniter
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How to make multiple toggle radio button using jquery ?

Multiple radio buttons:


    var radioState;

    $('.multipleradios').on('click', function() {
        if (radioState === this) {
            this.checked = false;
            radioState = null;
        } else {
            radioState = this;
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